Shape your career effectively and fulfilling with integral career coaching

Career coaching is an investment in your future. Together we develop an individual strategy to find the right job, profession or career move that matches your interests, qualifications and values, pays well and enhances your quality of life.

non-binding & free of charge
Coaching takes place online from anywhere in Germany or on-site in Berlin. Now also hybrid.

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We are here to help, every step of the way. In what situations is Career coaching helpful:


Just got out of school?

Are you struggling with figuring out what you want to do? We are here to help every step of the way to get you started on your professional journey.


Can't find jobs to apply for?

Do you have everything ready but can't find the jobs to apply for? Here we provide you with the necessary tools and resources in order to help you find the dream job you want


Don't have the right papers?

Having the right papers for a job application can be confusing. We provide you with the help and advice to improve your CV, get the right papers, write the perfect cover letter, etc...


Interview trouble?

 Need help finding the optimal answer to questions? or simply need to help improveyour confidence and lower stress levels. We can help


Want to change your career?

Want a change of pace in your life? We can provide the advice to help you gather or improve the necessary documents needed for the next path.


Looking for fulfilment?

Is this the right job for you? Here at Integral Approach we believe it is crucial in finding fulfilment in your career path. Let find that path together

Our Services


  • We start with a free preliminary talk to understand you and ultimetely what you want out of this program.
  • A customized plan is created just for you. Used to help you achieve fulfilment in your career path.
  • Meeting are booked in which we can help provide you with the resources needed to move forward with your career.
  • Achievement of your goals for this program.

Non-binding and free of charge

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Advantages to Career Coaching

Online coaching available

No matter where you are, we can help you. Find any place comfortbale for you and you can easily be joined by a coach to assist you

Professional documents created

We can help you create perfect documents by working together and improving the wording, the layout and give you adive on what to include/remove

Personal support

We provide 1-1 coaching. This is to ensure that you can be provided with an individualised plan. every person is different and with that every plan must also be personalised. 

Certified coaching

Our coaches here at Integral coaching are certified according to the DBVC, the International Coaching Federation and by DVNL. Ensuring that you get the best out of our program

Non-binding and free of charge